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Incense Sticks in Auckland, New Zealand

Bright and fragrant are two words that describe our incense sticks perfectly! These handmade incense sticks are made from the finest oils and pure extracts. They're absolutely free from chemicals hence are safe to burn as they won't affect your health negatively.

Incense sticks or dhoop sticks have many uses

So, whether you're looking for incense sticks to perform religious rituals or you want to light them as air fresheners - our collection of dhoop sticks answers all your needs.

Aromatherapy and incense sticks

Create a calm and relaxing ambience with these incense sticks. All the fragrances complement the therapy - they refresh and invigorate you.

With over 100 fragrances to choose from, our collection of incense sticks has something for everyone. Sneak a peek into the collection!



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