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Nag Champa Incense

If you wish to source authentic Nag Champa incense in Auckland, New Zealand, you have arrived at the right place.

Our Nag Champa incense is carefully crafted out of the finest recipe following the Indian masala tradition of blending natural herbs and resins along with soothing floral extracts to create a fragrance that relaxes and invigorates the mind. This is why our Nag Champa incense has a profound impact on your senses if kindled during yoga and meditation.         

Star features of our Nag Champa incense:

  • Tested free from lead and other toxins
  • Eco-friendly fumes
  • Great for yoga and meditation
  • Cost-effective

Best incense wholesalers

With more than 10 years of operating internationally, we have thrown our doors open for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers in New Zealand. We are a fully-licensed and certified importer, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of top-quality incense and fragrances.

Our products must be ordered online and they will be shipped and delivered within 5 working days for a flat shipping charge of $10.  

Why choose us?

  • Long experience of operating business overseas.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Monthly special discounts for regular customers.
  • Easy payment options such as Paypal and direct deposit.

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